Nayan Behera


Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated with the intersection of engineering & art. Growing up with diverse influences from both of my parents I began paving my own lane by combining both of their inherent expertise. My artistic and cultural roots stem from my mother who inspires me through her work as an Indian Classical Odissi Dance teacher while my technical interest comes from my father’s engineering/business background as an IT consultant. Growing up between these two extremes I was influenced to pursue studying Computer Science and Business at UC San Diego where I found my artistic passion for photography and videography. I am now currently working at Sapphire Studio, a startup created with four friends from college, as we aspire to create an innovative space to build tech products that solve everyday problems. Since the launch of our last mile vehicle the Sapphire 01 Hoverboard we have a new weight-sensing electric skateboard and wearable product coming out this summer, stay tuned!